Wombat Man





A loving comedy tribute to the Adam West Batman TV series (and all Batmans everywhere), Wombat Man: The Cereal Murders is a campy, colorful, “kid’s show for adults.”

When the city needs a hero, just shine a light in the night sky and Wombat Man will save the day. The city of Slothum is plagued by a mad cereal killer (literally) as dozens of beloved cereal icons are found dead. Suffering years of ridicule and torture at the hands of selfish children, Trix the Rabbit will stop at nothing to get his grubby paws on that fruity cereal — even if it means committing murder. With the help of an all new sidekick, it’s up to fur-coated caped crusader and marsupial Wombat Man to come to the rescue. Full of hard-hitting punches and puns, this hilarious Batman spoof soars onto the stage at North Hollywood’s Eclectic Company Theatre.

The Geek Authority says, “Lookout! There’s A New Super Hero At The Eclectic Company Theatre - Wombat Man!”