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“Weed Shop” follows Dave, a dispensary owner, and Alicia, an infectiously cheerful doctor who decides to set up her new marijuana-friendly practice near Dave’s “weed shop” in Los Angeles. The two meet through an online dating service and have an instant connection, but are both nervous about disclosing their true career identities to each other in the fear of facing rejection from the taboo nature of pot. They both ironically lie to each other about their jobs — when in reality, they are the perfect match. At the same time, Dave must thwart the evil advances of his ridiculous ex-girlfriend Stephanie, who threatens to shut down the weed shop after finding out he has a new love in his life.

“Weed Shop” is a “coming out” story of sorts, reminding audiences to feel proud to be who they are, especially if that’s a connoisseur of medical marijuana. Through tongue-in-cheek, funny, and also heartfelt songs like “I Believe in Weed,” “Stoners in Love,” and “You Can Store Your Weed in my Heart,” the show is surely a celebration of the stoner. However, “Weed Shop” isn’t just for marijuana enthusiasts, it’s for everyone - touching on universally comedic and heartwarming themes of love, self-expression, and identity. The show also features a hodgepodge of different musical styles in its numbers, mashing up the classic Broadway genre with rock opera, pop, jazz, and even funk.

“Weed Shop” was originally created by Becca Grumet in 2012 as a 6 minute short film for the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, and went on to show as an Official Selection at the LA Comedy Film Festival. It has now grown into a full length stage musical co-written and produced by Grumet and Madelyne Heyman, and will be directed by Heyman.

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