Richard III



In all of English literature, there is no character as cruel — or as compelling — as the hunchbacked, perpetually scheming Duke of Gloucester. Desperate to clutch the crown of England no matter how bloodstained his hands become, Richard is the black heart at the center of Richard III, Shakespeare’s thrilling drama filled with intrigue, sword fights, murder and ghosts. Now you can see this stark and powerful morality tale receive an intimate staging at the Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village.


Jose Ruiz with says, “Jon Mullich is one of the best ‘Richards’ we have seen, teetering a tight line between portraying madness, histrionics and unbridled ambition. It takes a studied actor to show the human side of Richard without giving in to the buffoonery of his folly and Mullich owns the character both body and soul.”

Joe Straw says, “All, in all, there were some marvelous performances in this production of Richard III and yet marvelous is too casual a term to use. It is a production one doesn’t expect from a 99- seat theatre venue, especially for this type of play. But, there it was, in all its glory, all three hours of it. And despite the utmost gravity of this drama, the despicableness of the characters, there was a lot to smile about at the end of the production, a lot. …Run! Run! Run! And take someone who loves revisionist history” for Richard III.

Stage Raw says, “Director Natasha Troop’s dark, compelling production soars on the talents of an ensemble that turns in excellent performances. This is a simple, conventional production (notwithstanding Wendell C. Carmichael’s attractive assemblage of modern costumes, that includes some formal evening attire), without any flashy stagecraft, yet it’s difficult to imagine it being more effective, no matter how extravagant the design elements.”