Hopping on Down the Bunny Trail



A Gay Man With Alzheimers. A Trans Teen Girl. A Giant Bunny. Just Your Average American Family.
Hopping On Down The Bunny Trail tackles the journey of a family in crisis. Ronny is a talented musician in his 50s, who is stricken with early onset Alzheimer’s. His life partner, Dan, struggles to keep him at home rather than taking him to a care facility. Their daughter Anne’s fiancé, Todd, has a 16 year old transgender sibling, Elsa, who is transitioning from a boy to a girl. When Elsa’s and Ronny’s worlds collide, they discover they have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Together, they help each other through their individual journeys.

Mayhem ensues when Ronny’s flights of fancy become more and more bizarre — from the appearance of an imaginary porno style pizza delivery boy to a Giant Bunny that is determined to “take him down the bunny trail.” Both funny and touching, the play asks the question, “who are our REAL families”?


An overwhelmingly SWEET reaction from BITTER LEMONS reviews!

The NOHO ARTS DISTRICT says, “The performances are stellar, and it’s a fairly big cast for such an intimate theatre. But this play deserves to be told with all the bells and whistles…and every actor commits with such obvious delight to the characters they play that it’s a thrill to watch them, and they honestly do a brilliant job.”

The TOUCAN TIMES says, “I did not want this play to end.”













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