Merry F**kin’ Christmas, Y’all!

The Eclectic Company Theatre presents Merry F**king Christmas, Y’all! Written by Marnie Olson Directed by Kerr Seth Lordygan Starring: Ivy Jones, Mike Goulis, Daniel Pittack, Caroline Marshall, Marnie Olson, Dianne Travis, Erin Treanor, Julian Vlcan Don your gayest apparel and come celebrate the hell-idays with the Jensens. A Texas family vacations in the Colorado Mountians


10th Annual Hurricane Season 2013

HURRICANE SEASON will blow through Los Angeles July 12th through August 18th, 2013. Each two-week block will feature a new program of three one-act plays never before produced in Los Angeles. The plays were selected by the members of the Eclectic Company Theatre’s reading committee, with monetary prizes to be given to the top three


The Gambler’s Daughter

The Eclectic Company Theatre presents the World Premiere of The Gambler’s Daughter Written by Paul North Directed by Brian E. Smith Starring C. Ashleigh Caldwell , Tyler Derench, John Dickey , JR Mangels, Laura Michl, Edmund Wyson The Gambler’s Daughter’ of the title is Mary. She’s coming home to see her dad for the first

Low Tech Posterportfolio

Low Tech

The Eclectic Company Theatre presents the World Premiere of   Low Tech A New Comedy by Jeff Folschinsky Directed by Chelsea Sutton Starring Mark Bate, Jason Britt, Megan Crockett, Michelle Danyn, Paul Duffy, Fuz Edwards, Dan Mandel, Amanda Smith & Tyler Tanner After collapsing from exhaustion on High Tech International’s showcase stage, Allegra Marcos figures