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Turkey Day
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Written by Jeff Folschinsky
Directed by Taylor Ashbrook
Produced by Laura Lee Bahr and Jeff Folschinsky

April 9- May 16, 2010
Friday & Saturday at 8, Sunday at 7
(818) 508-3003

Several seasons back, Jeff Folschinsky wrote a sublimely silly service comedy,
The Unsinkable Bismarck, which delighted audiences and critics alike and kept them
howling with laughter for several months. Now he's back, setting his sights
on a typical American family. On second thought, maybe not so typical.
We meet them on Thanksgiving...Turkey Day.

Bruce and Buffy are a truly loving if childless couple.
They await her sister Beatrice with husband Ernie and son Edgar, plus Bruce's parents.
Not attending the meal but close by is helpful neighbor Bobby Ray.

It will be an eventful day. Over the course of the next several hours,
the assembled will learn that Mom and Dad actually split up long ago;
that Edgar, a young teen obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe,
will find his true parentage called into question;
the house will nearly burn down;
one of their number will grab a knife and begin to wield it;
another will be possessed with prophecies of destruction;
yet another will appear to die, resurrect and embark upon a reign of terror.

Can there possibly be a happy ending?
Turkey Day is, after all, a comedy.
It's the play that puts the fun in dysfunction.

The cast of
Turkey Day includes (in alphabetical order)
Laura Lee Bahr, Mark Bate, Mark T. Burford,
Fuz Edwards, Darcy Shean, Tyler Stevens,
Justin Tinucci, Erin Treanor and Biff Wiff

Assistant director: Chelsea Sutton
Stage manager: Jennifer Salas
Set design: John Dickey
Lighting design: Christie Wright
Sound design: Jeff Folschinsky
Costume design: Erica D. Schwartz
Turkey Day is a hit!  Don't miss it!

...audience receives an entire evenings load of laughs...a very funny and sarcastic take of a stereotypical family getting together... Taylor Ashbrook driects this rather comical cast that uses their personnas to show how "f"-ed up things can get...
Rich Borowy - Accessibly Live

...audience seemed to find it all quite hilarious. ..I'd give them an A...
Neal Weaver - Backstage