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The Eclectic Company Theatre is a company
that allows its members creative freedom.

We are currently accepting submissions for new members -
Producers, Directors, Actors, Designers, Stage Managers!

We seek dedicated and passionate individuals who want
to produce and create theatrical experiences of the highest quality.

Membership requires a $25.00 initiation fee and $50.00 monthly dues
as well as 10 hours of volunteerism per month.
Shawn Abramowitz
Taylor Ashbrook
Laura Lee Bahr
Ashleigh Boiros
Justin Bowler
Dean Farell Bruggeman
Mark Burford
Laura Cotenescu
Michelle Danyn
John Dickey
Paul Duffy
Robert Briscoe Evans
Jeff Folschinsky
Carissa Gipprich
Questa Gleason
Steve Gustafson
Mason Hallberg
Rebecca Hayes
Ivy Jones
Kenlyn Kanouse
Rachel Kanouse
Rebecca Lane
Kerr Seth Lordygan
Denise Lowe
Caroline Marshall
Meghan McConnell
Obed Medina
David Nott
Levi Packer
Wendy Radford
Beth Ricketson
Jennifer Salas
Elizabeth Southard
Timothy Sprague
Chelsea Sutton
Erin Treanor
Biff Wiff
Jamie Barr
Kiran Bisla
Danielle Gordon Schlichter
Kerr Seth Lordygan
Denise Lowe
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L-R:  Kerr Seth Lordygan, President; Wendy Radford, Treasurer; Denise Lowe, Secretary/VP Administration;
Chelsea Sutton, VP Production; Beth Ricketson, VP Development/Outreach;
Jeff Folschinsky, VP Membership, John Dickey, Technical Director