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Directed by Morgan K. Nichols
Produced by Laura Lee Bahr
and Kerr Seth Lordygan

Set Design by Morgan K. Nichols
Lighting by Rebecca Bonebrake
Costumes by Lori Meeker

Laura Lee Bahr, David Bardeen, Tiffany  Cole,
Oded Gross, Christine Krebsbach, Rebecca Lane,
Garrett Liggett, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Janel Miley,
Atim Udoffia, Brad Wilcox,  Biff Wiff,
Martin Yu, G. Maximilian Zarou

April 4 - May 18, 2008
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8PM
Sundays @ 6PM

Tickets $18
Reservations 818-508-3003
"Nichols' production is solid and workmanlike, and he harvests a healthy crop of belly laughs from the hoary gags. Bardeen plays Angelo for fatuous comedy rather than tragedy, and Bahr's Isabella is good-humored enough to make her self-righteousness bearable. Gross sails blithely through the seeming inconsistencies in his role, and Kerr Seth Lordygan finds plenty of humor in the disreputable Lucio." - Backstage West

"Laura Lee Bahr, as Isabella, is absolute perfection as the virtuous heroine. Bahr conveys Isabella's pain between saving her wretched brother Claudio and saving her purity. She goes back and forth like an intense tennis match trying to figure out what she can do without compromising herself. [David] Bardeen drips with comical villainy as the treacherous Angelo by effortlessly combining terror and arrogance to create an even more sinister individual." -LAsThePlace.com

"A polished execution without disturbing the humor Shakespeare intended." - LAsThePlace.com

"The secret agent nonsense and manipulation would put daytime drama to shame. I love it!!" - LAsThePlace.com

"With astonishing performances by the cast, the play came alive in The Eclectic Company Theatre." - LAsThePlace.com