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In order to save trees and save time, The Eclectic requests that ALL submissions are sent in electronically ONLY! Please email the following to

1. A cover letter that includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail, method of payment and source (how you first came to hear about this contest/festival). Please make sure your name and the name of your script is in the body of your email.
2. ONE PDF of the script WITHOUT the name of the author anywhere in the document. This is important to ensure our reading committee has no knowledge of who wrote the script.

DEADLINE: All submissions and payments must be received by March 17, 2013.  Early entry is encouraged.
PAYMENT: Entry Fee is $15

You have TWO options for payment processing:
1. Send the processing fee via PayPal to
2. Send a check via snail mail to the following address.  Please make all checks out to Eclectic Company Theatre.


IMPORTANT: Submission Criteria

1. Scripts must be previously un-published.

2. Scripts must not have been previously produced in Los Angeles County. Prior productions in other counties, states or countries are acceptable. Produced is defined as any production, reading, or staging for a paying audience.

3. The running time of the script should be 15-40 minutes.  This is approximately 10-35 pages.

4. One-person shows will not be considered.

5. Submissions must be in English.

6. Production requirements in the script (i.e., size of set, special effects, etc.) must be able to be adapted to fit into a
black-box theatre using minimal set pieces, props, and costumes.  We reserve the right to reject any script we believe cannot be produced in our facility.

7. Make sure your name and/or personal information is removed from the PDF submitted to ensure unbiased review.

8. We encourage you NOT to submit the same script to Hurricane Season two years in a row unless you have made significant changes.  While this may not hurt the chances of your script being chosen, we like to see new and varied work each year.  Different scripts will help us get better acquainted with your voice as a writer.

Important Fine Print (Please Read!)

The Eclectic Company Theatre's Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition is a part of the Hurricane Season New Play Festival.  You are submitting to our Festival. Contestants are competing to win cash prizes for the top three best-written plays, as well as non-cash audience favorite awards.  The competition is open to anyone but submissions must comply with submission criteria.

Authors must guarantee that they have sole rights to all matter contained within the script.

By submitting a script for consideration to the competition, the playwright agrees that The Eclectic Company Theatre may produce the script during the Hurricane Season Festival and has control over the artistic choices of this particular production.  The Eclectic Company Theatre agrees to produce the script, if chosen, to the best of its ability.    

Furthermore, the playwright agrees to waive any royalty for the production of the script in the festival.

The committee's decisions are final and no correspondence concerning the results may be entered into.

Play Selection Process

The Play Selection Committee will be made up of members of the Eclectic Company Theatre.

ONLY a single producer of Hurricane Season will know the identity of the playwrights.  That producer will not be a part of the reading committee.

At least three different members of the Play Selection Committee will read each script.

The Play Selection Committee will select the 9 scripts to be produced in the festival.  . 

The Producers of Hurricane Season will notify playwrights of their status in a timely manner.

A committee of 3-5 Judges will select a First, Second, and Third place winner, which will be announced during the award ceremony on August 23, 2013.  Judges will be active Directors, Producers, Educators, and Playwrights in the theatre profession. None of the Judges will be members of the Eclectic Company Theatre or have any other involvement in the Festival, including submitting scripts of their own.

Cash Prizes
First Prize: $150
Second Prize: $100
Third Prize: $50

The nine finalists will be performed for two guaranteed weekends consisting of six performances and be eligible for audience favorite awards.  (See Schedule below)

Production (Non Cash) Prizes
Audience Awards for Best Actor & Actress
Audience Awards for Best Playwriting
Audience Awards for Best Overall Production & Direction

Festival Schedule
Block A (will consist of 3 plays): July 12 - 14 and July 19 - 21, 2013
Block B (will consist of 3 plays): July 26 - 28 and August 2 - 4, 2013
Block C (will consist of 3 plays): August 9 - 11 and August 16 - 18, 2013
Award Ceremony: August 23, 2013

Please email us at if you have any questions.
The Eclectic Company Theatre is proud to present its 10th Annual HURRICANE SEASON, a New Play Festival and Playwriting Competition.
HURRICANE SEASON will blow through Los Angeles July 12th through August 18th, 2013.
Each two-week block will feature a new program of three one-act plays never before produced in Los Angeles.

The plays were selected by the members of the Eclectic Company Theatre's reading committee, with monetary prizes to be given to the top three best-written plays as selected by an independent jury. The audience will also get a chance to vote for their favorite plays, directors, performers and playwrights, with non-monetary prizes to be awarded at a special ceremony on August 23, 2013. 

Please join us in celebrating this 10th Anniversary Special Edition!

Block 1
July 12 - 21, 2013

Written by Chip Bolcik
Directed by Rebecca Hayes
Sarah Allyn Bauer and Christopher Poehls

Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by Wendy Radford
Featuring Mark Bate and Beth Ricketson

Written by Ron Burch
Directed by Dean Farell Bruggeman
Featuring Michelle Danyn, Steve Gustafson and Ann Simmons

Block 2
July 26 - August 4, 2013

Written by Harry M. Bagdasian
Directed by Kerr Lordygan
Featuring Jennifer Bailey, Elliott Davis, Carissa Gipprich, Steve Gustafson, Mason Hallberg and Perry Smith

Written by Caroline Marshall
Directed by Biff Wiff
Featuring Kenlyn Kanouse, Rachel Kanouse and Ryan McDonough

Written by Dean Farell Bruggeman
Directed by Obed Medina
Featuring Lyle Daly, Richard Fresca, Ariel Funk, Gabriel Green and Caroline Marshall

Block 3
August 9 - 18, 2013

Written by Jonathan Cook
Directed by Rebecca Hayes
Featuring Carla Betz, Dean Farell Bruggeman and Mason Hallberg

Written by John Doble
Directed by JC Gafford
Featuring Brian Nocella and Deneen Melody

Written by John Levine
Directed by Obed Medina
Featuring Michelle Danyn, Carissa Gipprich and Caleb Slavens

Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm
Tickets are $15, or you can save $10 with a Season Pass at $35
(includes one ticket for each of the three different program blocks)

Reservations are strongly encouraged - Call (818) 508-3003 or click on the link above.
Order tickets online!
Click here!
The Eclectic Company Theatre is pleased to announce the recipients of the 10th Annual Hurricane Season playwriting competition and audience awards.
Thank you and congratulations to
all Hurricane Season participants.
Playwriting Competition
(Selected by Independent Jury)

1st Place -
Improvisation by Andrew Osborne
2nd Place -
You and Me and She and I by John Levine
3rd Place -
A Serious Person by John Doble

Block 1 Audience Awards

Best Actress - Beth Ricketson,
Best Actor - Mark Bate,
Best Director - Wendy Radford, 
Best Playwright - Andrew Osborne, 
Favorite Show -

Block 2 Audience Awards

Best Actress - Rachel Kanouse,
The Road to Paradise
Best Actor - Ryan McDonough,
The Road to Paradise
Best Director - Kerr Lordygan,
Carrying On
Best Playwright - Caroline Marshall,
The Road to Paradise
Favorite Show - It was a tie! 
Carrying On and The Road to Paradise

Block 3 Audience Awards

Best Actress - Deneen Melody,
A Serious Person
Best Actor - Brian Nocella,
A Serious Person
Best Director - Obed Medina, You and Me and She and I
Best Playwright - John Doble,
A Serious Person
Favorite Show -
A Serious Person