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How to Enter
You may enter electronically or through snail mail. This year we strongly encourage all applicants to enter electronically.

If entering Electronically
> Email the following to
   - A cover letter that includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail, method of payment and source (how you first came to hear about this contest/festival).
   - TWO (2) .pdf (or Microsoft Word) files of your submission. One with your name on it and the other WITHOUT your name or any other personal information on it.
> Send the processing fee via PayPal to You may also snail mail the fee using the information below. The fee is $10 for each submitted script sent on or before February 12, 2010. After that date, the fee goes up to $15. If we do not receive the fee, your play will NOT be considered.

If entering via Snail Mail
> Mail two (2) paper copies of your script accompanied by a cover letter that includes name, address, phone number, e-mail, and source (how you first came to hear about this contest/festival), along with a check payable to The Eclectic Company Theatre.
> Send submissions to:
Include a $15 processing fee with each submitted script postmarked on or before FEBRUARY 12, 2010. Plays received with postmarks after February 12th must include a processing fee of $20. If we do not receive the fee, your play will NOT be considered.

> Submissions must be postmarked by March 13, 2010 for consideration in the 2010 Festival.

> The Eclectic Company Theatre's Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition is a part of the Hurricane Season New Play Festival.
> You are submitting to our Festival. Contestants are competing to win cash prizes for the top three best-written plays, as well as non-cash audience favorite awards.
> The competition is open to anyone, but submissions must be in English.
> Scripts must be previously unpublished.
> Scripts must not have been previously produced in California. Prior productions in other states or countries is acceptable. Produced is defined as any production, reading, or staging for a paying audience.
> The running time of the play should be 15 - 35 minutes.
> One-person shows will not be considered.
> Plays should be able to fit into a black-box theatre using minimal set pieces, props, and costumes.
> To ensure anonymity during the reading process, no personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted script. Personal information should be included only on the cover letter, including name, address, phone, and e-mail address.
> While all reasonable care will be taken, The Eclectic Company Theatre does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, submitted scripts.
> Authors must guarantee that they have sole rights to all matter contained within the script.
> Scripts submitted in prior years are not eligible.
> By submitting a piece for consideration to the competition, the playwright agrees that The Eclectic Company Theatre may produce the script during the Hurricane Season festival. Furthermore, the playwright agrees to waive any royalty for the production of the piece in the festival.
> The committees' decision is final and no correspondence concerning the results can be entered into.

Play Selection Process
> The Play Selection Committee will be made up of members of the Eclectic Company Theatre.
> Only the Executive Producer of the Hurricane Season Festival will have access to the names of the playwrights. Beyond him or her, the plays will remain anonymous.
> At least two different members of the Play Selection Committee will read each play.
> The Play Selection Committee will select 5 - 10 plays that they believe to be the very best.
> These plays will be sent to a committee of Judges. There will be 3 - 5 Judges. These Judges will be active Directors, Producers, Educators, and Playwrights in the theatre profession. None will be members of the Eclectic Company Theatre. None will have any other involvement in the Festival, including submitting plays of their own.
> The Judges will select a First, Second, and Third place winner.
> The three winning plays will be included in the nine produced plays. They will each get three weekends of performances. The three finalists will be announced prior to the beginning of the Festival, but the First, Second and Third prizes will be announced and awarded after the conclusion of the Festival.
> The remaining six plays to be produced as part of the Hurricane Season New Play Festival will be chosen by the Play Selection Committee. Produceability, marketability, and Company interest may also be taken into consideration when making this decision, in addition to excellence of writing. These plays will run for two weekends each.

Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition
   - First Prize: $500
   - Second Prize: $300
   - Third Prize: $100
Hurricane Season New Play Festival (Non-Cash Prizes)
   - Audience Awards for Best Actor
   - Audience Awards for Best Playwriting
   - Audience Awards for Best Overall Production and Direction

Hurricane Season 2010
The seventh annual competition/festival of short plays.

Produced by RJ Farrington, Susan Lee, Beth Ricketson

Performances July 9- August 22, 2010
Fridays & Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 2
Tickets $18
Student, senior and group discounts available upon request
(818) 508-3003

Talented playwrights compete for hundreds of dollars in cash and non-cash prizes in this popular annual competition of short plays.
Playwriting finalists have been pre-selected by a jury and will compete for cash prizes during the final week of the festival.
Prior to that, there will be three blocks of plays, each of which will run for two consecutive weeks,
and each of which will include one of the Finalists.
Non-cash prizes for the playwrights, actors, directors, and overall production will be voted on by the audience.

Block One, July 9-11, 16-18:
Ouija - Written by Jason Britt and Chelsea Sutton
Directed by Wendy Radford
It's Great Aunt Margaret's wake, but she's still able to reveal some family secrets (e.g. who did what with whom)
to the youngest generation of nieces and nephews, thanks to a Ouija board.
Cast: Jason Britt, Jen Kuhn, Mark Bradford Hill, Shaina Vorspan

Good Cop - Written by Walt Vail
Directed by Jaceson Mann
A police officer is under investigation. He's had a distinguished record, until now.
Why did he brutally beat the young suspect?
Cast: Dean Bruggeman, RJ Farrington

Blonde Alibi -  Written by Robert Taylor
Directed by Susan Lee
On Homecoming Night, Lauren and Teesha find Daisy in a hotel room with the body of her now-dead boyfriend.
Teesha and Lauren have to figure out how to cover up the (possibly justified) murder.
Cast: Allie Costa, Ashleigh Boiros, Jessica Mills

Block Two, July 23-25, July 30- August 1:
The Last Sacrament of Belle - Written by Jason Britt and Kerr Seth Lordygan
Directed by Chelsea Sutton
Assistant director: Questa Gleason
There's a store called Rig-Store Mortis, where they sell….dead things.
It just gets stranger from there. Want to find out what happens to your thoughts after you die….hmm.
Cast: Erin Treanor, Beth Ricketson, Rebecca Lane, Kevin McKim, Cody Kopp

Appleblossomtime - Written by Joan Eyles Johnson
Directed by Zhenya Che
War is over in the Pacific, and Sam is coming home to his wife Lily.
But Lily, in the meantime, has been keeping company with their longtime friend Angus….
Cast: Angela Landis, Scott Reynolds, John Haegele

The Opening - Written by Bilal Dardai
Directed by Cassandra Vincent
A man from the U.S. Department of Defense conjures up an ancient god of war.
But things will prove to be not under the modern man's control.
Cast: Brad Wilcox, Taylor Ashbrook, Anthony Cutolo

Block Three, August 6-8, 13-15:
The Confession - Written by Lyssa Ray Richardson
Directed by Maria Markosov
In Ireland, in 1925, a woman schemes to punish her adulterous husband and the niece who has taken her place in his bed.
Cast: Elizabeth Southard, Andrew Hagan, Jason Britt, Jenny Halterman

The Limp - Written by John Lane
Directed by Jeff Newman
In this short comedy about the corporate world, Roger finds that his slight limp may turn out to be an asset rather than a handicap.
Cast: Mason Hallberg, Danielle Cintron, Kerr Seth Lordygan

Grunge Is Dead - Written by Katherine Sherman
Directed by Kerr Seth Lordygan
A young couple in love and involved in the drug culture go through trial of fire and water.
Will their love survive?
Cast: Rachel Kanouse, Dave Buzzotta

The Playwrighting Finalists: August 20-22
Blonde Alibi
The Opening
Grunge Is Dead

Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition
   - First Prize: $500
   - Second Prize: $300
   - Third Prize: $100
Hurricane Season New Play Festival (Non-Cash Prizes)
   - Audience Awards for Best Actor
   - Audience Awards for Best Playwriting
   - Audience Awards for Best Overall Production and Direction
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