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Men aren't from Mars.
Women aren't from Venus.
They're both from hell.

NO LOVE is a pitch-black comedy of romantic desperation, for anyone who's ever survived bad break-ups, lonely nights and disastrous one-night stands.

Andrew Osborne's roundelay of unrequited love follows a daisy chain of mismatched couples grappling with sex, drugs and murder in the big city, backwoods and bus stops of the Eastern Seaboard.

Tim Sprague and The Eclectic Company Theatre are proud to present this WORLD PREMIERE of an exciting new work by the Emmy-winning playwright, directed by Los Angeles theater veteran Kerr Seth Lordygan & featuring the hottest ensemble cast north of Ventura Boulevard!

August 31 - October 6, 2012
Fri - Sat 8:00pm
Sun 7:00pm

Special Thursday night shows on September 20th and October 4th at 8:00pm

Pay-What-You-Can Nights are Thursday, September 20th and Sunday, September 30th. Seating is limited.
Director Kerr Seth Lordygan elicits excellent and beautifully nuanced performances from the entire cast. The renditions of these roles were all so credible, it was tempting to believe they were not acting. No Love is worth seeing.-ArtsBeatLA

Two particularly strong performances are by Marmion as a bewildered Army reservist, and by Michelle Danyn as his platonic, childhood friend, so arrogantly glib when they meet years later. She admonishes him dismissively, despite his obvious yearning and heartbreak, that his childhood intransigence toward her squandered all opportunity, even now, for anything more than a friendship. Yet on her seemingly firm resolve, the tables too will turn. True to the spirit of this comedy, in a heartless world, tables keep turning, and destiny keeps lashing out against everyone.-LA Weekly

The Eclectic always delivers top-notch acting, and this show is no exception, from Lili Stephens-Henry's ingenue NYC waitress all the way through to Michelle Danyn as the callous friend-without-benefits tormentor of her lifelong guy pal (Daniel Marmion). Eclectic company president Kerr Seth Lordygan skillfully paces the whirlwind array of events and characters that parade before us over the course of No Love's 80 or so minutes...Osborne clearly relishes dipping into the bag of classic shock value tools (rape, incest, bondage, mistaken sexual identities and misfired bodily fluids, guns, blood) and playing around with them for theatrical effect, while just managing to avoid pushing everything over the top.-LAist

From this very talented writer (who, ironically, is now happily married), comes his youthful stories of very unrequited love, stories that will resonate and exemplify many of the news headlines we see each day. Art is a reflection of true life.-Examiner.com

The play is somewhat bizarre, but sharp. It's dark, but funny. It's serious and intense and then weird and avant-garde. This is not for the sensitive of mind or subject but definitely a play for the intensity and theme of love in all the grey shades you could think of and some you couldn't.-nohoartsdistrict.com