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Last Train to Nibroc
by Arlene Hutton

Frank Krueger and Rebecca Lane

Directed by Kerr Seth Lordygan

Produced by Rebecca Lane and Kerr Seth Lordygan
Associate Producer Meghan McConnell

Set Design by Ryan Siebrasse
Lighting Design by Yancey Dunham
Sound Design by Timothy Sprague
Costume Design by Ken Patton
Projection Design by Jamie Barr
Graphic Design by Jesca McNeil
Stage Manager Timothy Sprague

During the early days of WWII, a train heads east carrying the bodies of two legendary authors. It also carries two people searching for happiness. Journey with us to another time in this simply staged, character-driven, beautifully crafted romance.

'It is beautifully written...Every line is a heartbeat.' Financial Times

Come fall in love with
Tickets $18 - Seniors/Students $15

Preview April 12
April 13 - May 20, 2012 (dark April 28)
Fri & Sat: 8pm
Sun: 7pm

Pay What You Can: April 19 and April 29
Click here to watch a trailer about the play.
From LATheatreReview.com (Brian Sonia-Wallace):
'A solid production...life-affirming...From Ken Patton's costumes to the impressive Kentucky drawls, Last Train to Nibroc creates an immersive world...Mr. Krueger and Ms. Lane carry the show with subtle, pitch-perfect performances...The characters metamorphose between each scene, shedding some dreams and finding others, but persisting so strongly in their own way that we can't help but root for them...What is striking about both actors' performances is their sincerity.'

From LifeInLA.com (Sandra L. Rostirolla):
'The thrilling blow of a steam whistle and the static crackle of an old PA system instantly set the mood for this fun, historic journey set in 1940...The director does a wonderful job of maintaining the mystery between the two characters...Poignant! Entertaining and Engaging!...[Lane and Krueger] display wonderful comedic and physical timing and had the audience laughing and completely engaged...The actors capture the essence of their characters and deliver a worthy performance. The use of music and radio is appropriate for the period and mood and the scene transitions keep the pace smooth and flowing...Last Train to Nibroc is a fun ride and most definitely a worthwhile night out.'

From The Tolucan Times (Debbie Kagy):
'Engaging!...Wonderfully directed by Kerr Seth Lordygan, not a moment appears untouched while seemingly feeling natural. From the moment the characters appear on stage, moving with the train, they allow the audience to become a part of their world...Frank Krueger does a charmingly witty portrayal of Raleigh opposite Rebecca Lane's proper, yet adorable May. The pair works well together to create a seamless reality of ups and downs that draws the viewer in...Ryan Siebrasse created a delightfully creative set that easily allows the characters to change locations while not overloading it with unnecessary pieces. The consistent sound design, by Timothy Sprague, and Yancey Dunham's artistic lighting again adds to the environment of each meeting of the couple...Beautifully written by Arlene Hutton, Last Train to Nibroc combines witty banter with the roller coaster of romance, to leave the audience feeling light hearted and fulfilled.'

From Accessibly Live (Rich Borowy):
'[Kruger and Lane's] performance is sweet without the sappiness, comical without the hard laughs, and is as charming as the couple next door-or the couple one would like to have next door! The show overall is tight, using minimal sets as designed by Ryan Siebrasse.'