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Rock you like a Hurricane! Hurricane Season 2011!
Submission Guidelines

How to Enter
You may enter electronically or through snail mail. This year we strongly encourage all applicants to enter electronically.

If entering Electronically
> Email the following to
   - A cover letter that includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail, method of payment and source (how you first came to hear about this contest/festival).
   - TWO (2) .pdf (or Microsoft Word) files of your submission. One with your name on it and the other WITHOUT your name or any other personal information on it.
> Send the processing fee via PayPal using this link:

> You may also snail mail the fee using the information below (Please note in your electronic submission.  Your play will not be read until the fee is received). The fee is $10 for each submitted script sent on or before February 18, 2011. After that date, the fee goes up to $15 until the deadline of March 18th. If we do not receive the fee, your play will NOT be considered.

If entering via Snail Mail
> Mail two (2) paper copies of your script accompanied by a cover letter that includes name, address, phone number, e-mail, and source (how you first came to hear about this contest/festival), along with a check payable to The Eclectic Company Theatre.
> Send submissions to:
> Include a $15 processing fee (yes, the snail mail fee is greater) with each submitted script postmarked on or before FEBRUARY 18, 2011. Plays received with postmarks after February 18th must include a processing fee of $20. If we do not receive the fee, your play will NOT be considered.

> Submissions must be postmarked by March 18, 2011 for consideration in the 2011 Festival.

> The Eclectic Company Theatre's Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition is a part of the Hurricane Season New Play Festival.
> You are submitting to our Festival. Contestants are competing to win cash prizes for the top three best-written plays, as well as non-cash audience favorite awards.
> The competition is open to anyone, but submissions must be in English.
> Scripts must be previously unpublished.
> Scripts must not have been previously produced in California. Prior productions in other states or countries is acceptable. Produced is defined as any production, reading, or staging for a paying audience.
> The running time of the play should be 15 - 35 minutes.
> One-person shows will not be considered.
> Plays should be able to fit into a black-box theatre using minimal set pieces, props, and costumes.
> To ensure anonymity during the reading process, no personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted script. Personal information should be included only on the cover letter, including name, address, phone, and e-mail address.
> While all reasonable care will be taken, The Eclectic Company Theatre does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, submitted scripts.
> Authors must guarantee that they have sole rights to all matter contained within the script.
> Scripts submitted in prior years are not eligible.
> By submitting a piece for consideration to the competition, the playwright agrees that The Eclectic Company Theatre may produce the script during the Hurricane Season festival. Furthermore, the playwright agrees to waive any royalty for the production of the piece in the festival.
> The committee's decision is final and there can be no correspondence concerning the results of such decision.

Play Selection Process
> The Play Selection Committee will be made up of members of the Eclectic Company Theatre.
> Only the Managing Producers of the Hurricane Season Festival will have access to the names of the playwrights and they will not be allowed to vote on the play selections.  Beyond the Managing Producers, the writers of the plays will remain anonymous.
> At least two different members of the Play Selection Committee will read each play.
> The Play Selection Committee will select 9 plays that they believe to be the very best.
> These plays will be sent to an Independent Jury made up of 3 - 5 Judges. These Judges will be active Directors, Producers, Educators, and Playwrights in the theatre profession. None will be members of the Eclectic Company Theatre. None will have any other involvement in the Festival, including submitting plays of their own.
> The Judges will select a First, Second, and Third place winner, which will be announced during the award ceremony on August 7th, 2011.
> The three winning plays will be included in the nine produced plays, and each play will have one guaranteed weekend of three performances and be eligible for audience's favorite play of the weekend and to be invited back for an additional weekend of performances and to compete for audience favorite.
The remaining six plays to be produced as part of the Hurricane Season New Play Festival will be chosen by the Play Selection Committee. Produceability, marketability, and Company interest may also be taken into consideration when making this decision, in addition to excellence of writing. These plays will also have a weekend of three performances and be eligible for audience's favorite play for the weekend and to be invited back for an additional weekend of performances and to compete for audience favorite.

Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition
   - First Prize: $150
   - Second Prize: $100
   - Third Prize: $50
Hurricane Season New Play Festival (Non-Cash Prizes)
   - Audience Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress
   - Audience Awards for Best Playwriting
   - Audience Awards for Best Direction
   - Audience Awards for Best Overall Production
The Eclectic Company Theatre is proud to present its Eighth Annual HURRICANE SEASON, a new works festival and playwrights competition.  HURRICANE SEASON will blow through Los Angeles July 15th through August 7th, 2011. Each of the first three weekends of HURRICANE SEASON will feature a new program of one-act plays that have never been produced before.  The audience favorite of each weekend will be invited back for a finals weekend of three more performances. The plays will be selected by the members of the Eclectic Company Theatre's reading committee, with monetary prizes given to the top three best-written plays as selected by an independent jury.
The submission period is over.
The contest is closed.
Thanks for playing!
Stay tuned for the chosen few!