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* Hurricane Season Playwriting Competition
    o First Prize: $500
    o Second Prize: $300
    o Third Prize: $100
* Hurricane Season New Play Festival (Non-Cash Prizes)
    o Audience Awards for Best Actor
    o Audience Awards for Best Playwriting
    o Audience Awards for Best Overall Production and Direction

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Block #1
Brad Wilcox ,  Beth Ricketson

Lovely Day
Vanessa Rice , Allie Costa ,
Kristi Koehl , Gwendolyn Druyor ,
Rendon Ramsey , Zach Tewalthomas

Master of None
Erin Treanor , Mason Hallberg ,
Albert Stroth , Biff Wiff , Elan Garfias

Block #2
Chasing Angels
Elan O'Connor , John Ruby ,
Gabrielle Abitol , Marcus Everett

Coming Out of the Closet
Hannah Beck , Berda Gilmore ,
David Love , Chase McKenna

Spoken For
Jason Britt , Ashleigh Boiros ,
Erin Treanor , Mason Hallberg

Block #3
The Bad Habit
Taylor Ashbrook , Chris Kresbach ,
Gwen Copeland

One Plum
Jacob Ortuno , Stephanie Edmonds ,
Beth Ricketson , Theresa DeVeaux ,
Melissa Baes

A Picture of a Bee
Ian Wexler, Dana Amromin
Kerr Seth Lordygan