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Written by Jeff Folschinsky
Directed by Paul Millet
Produced by Jeff Folschinsky
and Joe Camareno

Aaron Belliston, David Freuchting,
Matt Godecker, William Joseph Hill,
Shon Little, and David Reynolds

September 13 - October 18, 2003

Come and join the crew of the Bismarck during their maiden voyage.  Their mission is simple: 
Seek out and destroy the British convoys in the North Atlantic. 

Sounds simple enough, but before they can achieve their glorious objective, they must first survive sailing
around in circles through a fog bank, a tap dance number, an eccentric admiral, and getting military
advice from a very fowl source. 

And of course, there is always the British Royal Navy, who is desperate to sink the German battleship.  Of course, getting the order to sink the battleship is one thing.  They soon find that carrying out that order is an adventure in itself. 

How will it all end?  Only history can tell us, but if you don't like to read and you don't watch A&E, come see the play.

Come see the fight of the century.  Last century.
Critic's Pick -- Backstage West