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by Christopher Durang
Directed by Mark L Taylor
Starring Taylor Ashbrook and Robert Briscoe Evans

" amusing blend of honesty, realism and curt truisms...hilarious...Durang's political insights are even more pertinent today...engaging...refreshingly silly and surprising..."  Wendy Gilmartin, LA Weekly

"...recognizably Durang, skewering as many elements of popular culture as anyone dare fit into a single evening, introducing us to characters we know intimately...Ashbrook gives her enough sanity to know the difference between ironic humor and a cruel joke...Evans quickly morphs into a dry, wry social commentator, his voice changes easily and expressively as he establishes characters from God to a beleaguered canned-goods consumer..."  Dany Margolies, BackStage West
February 7th to March 23rd, 2003