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The 3rd Annual
September 29 - October 22nd, 2006
We're proud to announce the plays selected for 2006:

Splitting Issues by Sam Bobrick - directed by Julie Bermel
by The Brothers Tramp - directed by The Brothers Tramp
The Closing by Nick Vigorito, Jr. - directed by Erin Treanor (Winner Weekend Three)
by Rodes Fishburne - directed by Mike Hammari
Poetic License by Diane Sampson - directed by Julie Bermel (Winner Weekend One and Grand Prize Winner!)
Love is an Apartment in Brooklyn
by David Holstein - directed by Cindy Fulchino
by Elizabeth Dement & Daniel Getzoff - directed by Hank Buchanan
by Kerr Seth Lordygan - directed by Tara Turner
Mocha Madness by L. Winifred Coleman and Lisa K. Rogers - directed by Nathan White (Winner Weekend Two)
Congratulations to Diane Sampson - Grand Prize Winner 2006!