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Pictures from ECT's
1st Annual One-Act Play Festival,
"Hurricane Season"
October 1 - 17, 2004
"Alas, Anaheim" (L-R) Buzz Noe, Fuz, Denise Pickering, Heather Anderson
"Azrael" (L-R) Dennis Delsing, Dylan Cope
"Blind Date With Dog" (L-R) Bob Brunson, Elizabeth Dement, Kyle T. Heffner
"Errands & Lite Cleaning" (L-R) John Dickey, Denise Lowe
"Don't Cry For Me, Pasadena" (L-R) Philip Restivo, Matt Crabtree, Darcy Shean, MaryBeth Scherr (seated)
"The Matchmaker" (L-R) Fuz, Lyndsey Ogle, Biff Wiff, Elaine Bartolone
Week 1
Azrael, Errands & Lite Cleaning, and Alas, Anaheim
Week 2
The Matchmaker, Don't Cry for Me, Pasadena, and Blind Date With Dog
Week 3
Free, Primed for Love, and Menage a Trois
"Free" (L-R) Matt Crabtree, Amy Benedict
"Menage a Trois" (L-R) Robert Briscoe Evans, Darcy Shean, Mark Mazur
"Primed for Love" (L-R) King Stuart, Barbara Murray, MaryBeth Scherr