Denise Lowe
Goddess of Wine
Denise Lowe
Denise Lowe, the Goddess of Wine, has worked as Fest Sommelier for the 2011 LAWineFest, where she recruited and supervised a volunteer crew of 38 experienced wine pourers to assist with setup, tear down and wine service of 13 wine and spirits classes over two days, and provided sommeliers for two separate VIP events. She'll be back in that role in 2012, as well as handling other upcoming events.

As a Wine Educator, she focuses on eliminating the snootiness and mystery about wine.

As a Wine Consultant, she plans special events, suggests corporate gift selections and recommends food pairings with wine.

Denise has achieved Certifications through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the Wine Academy of Spain and 'LAW School' at, and is a Professional Member of the Society of Wine Educators.

In addition to teaching about wine, Denise has served as Vice President of Administration for the Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood since 2001, and previously served for six of her twelve-year membership on the Board of Directors of the Dutch Country Players, a non-profit theater company in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, during which time she was Vice President of the organization.

In her eclectic career, she served on the Pennsylvania Democratic Committee from 1974 - 1976 (an elective office), hosted the Eastern Pennsylvania Theater Council (EPTC) regional competition in 1980, and worked continuously in all aspects of theater from 1972 through the present.

Denise has worked as a Human Resources Enterprise Systems Analyst for way longer than she ever planned, and is currently employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.